Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Where is Bellosguardo, Santa Barbara?

Bellosguardo,"Beautiful View" in Santa Barbara is a mansion on the coast situated next door to the Santa Barbara cemetary. The property is passed by many tourists unknowingly on a daily basis because it sits perched high on a hillside overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The Estate is owned by Huguette Clark who is 103 and lives in a hospital in New York. The Huguette Clark Mansion is 21,666 square feet on 23 acres and is worth more than 100 Million. Huguette inherited her money from her father William Andrews Clark who some said was worth more than Rockefeller. He made the bulk of his fortune in Copper in Jerome Arizona: the United Verde Copper Mine and in Butte Montana. Las Vegas today resides in Clark County named after him.

Clark's desire was to become a Senator of Montana. He ultimately became Senator under much suspicion and only remained for one term.

Huguette, wed William Gower on August 18, 1928 at the age of 22 at Bellosguardo. As a way of preparing for her big day she donated $50,000 at the time to the city of Santa Barbara to clean up the Bird Refuge across the street. Ironically, She divorced within 3 years. She herself filed for divorce and received no alimony.

Rumor has it that Huguette has not visited the mansion in some 30+ years. This was certainly the rumor I heard back in the late 80's. She ended up living the rest of her years in New York with her mother until her mother died leaving her depressed and reclusive. She preferred to remain alone with her dolls.

Rather than live in one of her many mansions, today she lives her final years in a hospital. I wish her much peace and happiness.

Maybe down the road Ty Warner will buy Bellosguardo and make it into a museum or park that we can all enjoy.

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Senor Savvy, "The Most Interesting Man in Santa Barbara!"


matt said...

I have wondered every time I drove by the cement wall and gate pillars of this property "what is it's story?" this story doesn't dissappoint! I do hope Mr. Warner will buy the property once it becomes available and make it availible for visit! Thanks for the info and Great Blog!

Susan Allen said...

The Clark family was very much involved with harps and harpists. I heard they flew Marcel Grandjany from New York to perform a private solo recital at the home and that they donated funds to help him begin the American Harp Society Inc. One of my dear Mentors, Eleanor Mellinger Sattler was hired by the Clarks to go up there and tune their harps every week.